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Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services
Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services

Selling Timber & Firewood

Having a professional forester to act on your behalf in the planning, marking, negotiation and administration of a timber sale will not only greatly increase your peace of mind but your bank account too!

Implementing forest management activities is where the rubber hits the trail…so to speak. A successful outcome for your harvest involves, careful planning and marking of trees to be cut, identifying the appropriate contractor and negotiating the terms of the contract and then oversight of the contractor during logging operations. While the economics of a timber sale are important, landowners often have other important goals that must be factored into the operation. Aesthetic concerns for how the woods are left following a sale, condition of roads and trails and protection of special areas and compliance with State laws are examples of other goals that must be factored in to achieve a successful timber sale.

High Quality sugar maple logs


Hardwood board on edger with optimizer

The marking of trees for harvest and the planning of the sale are paramount to insuring that the value of your timber will increase in to the future. Silvicultural options (See Newsletter article) carefully weighed and implemented are the pathways to a sustainable outcome for your harvest. High grading is a common practice by unsupervised logging contractors in which only the best trees are cut and the rest are left. This leaves your forest in a stagnant, degraded condition and will decrease the returns from your land for many decades.

In these challenging market conditions, the involvement of one of our foresters will improve the return from the sale of your timber as well as insuring that you achieve your other goals for your forest.


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