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Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services
Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services

Long-term Property Goals

“if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” — Lewis Caroll

Forests and forestland is a long-term proposition. If you want good results and an improved return on your investment it takes a plan that looks out 10 and 20 years based on realistic objectives for revenue, maintenance and improvements. This all has to be developed on the foundation of what is most important to you. Economics, aesthetics, wildlife, recreation, good stewardship.

We can help facilitate this process. We translate what is important to you to stewardship actions on the ground. Sometimes also, long term planning requires a consideration of ownership succession and inter generational planning. We have the experience to help you navigate these issues as well.

Photo: In a well managed forest, the harvest is about what is left behind...



Long-term Property Goals
Forest Management Plans
Selling Timber & Firewood
Use Value Appraisal Enrollment for Property Tax Savings
Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP)
Forestland & Timber Appraisals
Town Forest Assessment, Inventory & Management
Wildlife Habitat Management
Developing & Maintaining Administrative or Recreational Trails
GIS Mapping and GPS Data
Timber Stand Improvement Work
Woodscaping & View Clearing
Boundary Line Maintenance
Field & Meadow Maintenance
Prescribed Burning
Invasive Plant Control
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