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Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services
Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services

Timber Stand Improvement Work
By investing in cultural work in quality hardwood stands on good sites you can increase the rate of growth, and thus the rate of return in younger stands. Generally we advise a “crop tree release” method of thinning younger stands. By removing trees that interfere or compete with more desirable trees in the canopy one can improve the growth and vigor of these “crop” trees.

In certain cases this work may produce firewood, pulp and low grade sawlogs that will offset or cover the cost of the work.

Our crew can tackle some of the TSI jobs on your property. If not we can identify a qualified, insured contractor, mark the trees for removal and oversee the operation.

Photo: Forwarder wagon with firewood from TSI work.




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