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Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services
Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services

Woodscaping & View Clearing
Often property owners want to do work around their homes or camps to improve the appearance of the forest, clean-up windfall, increase light levels or create views by clearing selected trees.

We have the tools, manpower and experience to complete this kind of work for you. It is important to approach these kinds of projects with a good eye for careful and aesthetically pleasing work.

We can also help you clean up windfall and storm damaged trees or open up roads and trails obstructed by storm damage.

Photo: Removal of selected trees to improve view of distant ridgeline.




Long-term Property Goals
Forest Management Plans
Selling Timber & Firewood
Use Value Appraisal Enrollment for Property Tax Savings
Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP)
Forestland & Timber Appraisals
Town Forest Assessment, Inventory & Management
Wildlife Habitat Management
Developing & Maintaining Administrative or Recreational Trails
GIS Mapping and GPS Data
Timber Stand Improvement Work
Woodscaping & View Clearing
Boundary Line Maintenance
Field & Meadow Maintenance
Prescribed Burning
Invasive Plant Control
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