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Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services
Calfee Woodland Management LLC  Forestry and Land Management Services

Forest Management Plans

Once you have the foundation of long term objectives we can assist you in developing a plan of actions to fulfill those objectives. Again, thinking in 10 and 20 year increments.

Whether or not you are interested in active management and harvesting a forest management plan will give you peace of mind that you are taking the steps towards better stewardship of your land.

The process generally involves the following steps and tasks: 
Assessment and inventory of forest resources –Forest composition and structure, forest health issues, merchantable products, roads and trails, unique areas, historical features and recreational potential are assessed in a systematic way.

Development and compilation of forest management map – Using a computer based mapping system we combine aerial imagery with available data on natural features and unique areas, soils and topography to produce a base map. Details like boundaries, roads and trails, forest areas, streams and wetlands features identified during the forest assessment are added. See Sample Map: (PDF) (JPEG)

Description of all forest areas (including wildlife, recreation and unique natural areas) – Using photographs, qualitative narrative and calculated statistics from the inventory data a complete description of each forest area fully describes your forestland and all of its special features.

Forest management activities for each area to meet long-term objectives
–Based on your objectives, the assessment of all forest areas on your property and the latest science and information of silviculture and forest management we develop specific activities and treatments for each forest areas. Depending on the composition, age and accessibility of the areas these activities may produce revenue, be break-even or cost money depending on the owner’s interests and priorities.

Summary schedule of forest management activities –
The summary section of your forest management plan is a summary of activities by year that can act as your guidance document or to do list.

See example of a simple management plan: (PDF)


Long-term Property Goals
Forest Management Plans
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Use Value Appraisal Enrollment for Property Tax Savings
Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP)
Forestland & Timber Appraisals
Town Forest Assessment, Inventory & Management
Wildlife Habitat Management
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